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Hi, I'm Dr. Stephanie J. Wong, and like anyone else, I have a story, one that has led me on a path to be able to connect with clients like yourself!


I became interested in Psychology when I noticed that in my immediate Asian American community, not many individuals were seeking help, despite stress, sadness, and academic pressure. It was not because individuals were lacking financial resources, but they did not want to "lose face" for seeking professional help.  


When I was in high school, the student body and administration were shocked to learn that a student took his life.  I realized that depression cuts across demographics (ethnicity, race, social class, education), and professional services should not just be readily available, but de-stigmatized.  Following high school, I declared myself as a Psychology Major.  I was luckier than some students because that initial declaration actually led me to my passion--helping others.  


During graduate school, I discovered my intended specialization, or rather it found me.  I had worked in multiple settings, and I eventually ended up taking a training position at a co-occurring disorders clinic; I worked with individuals struggling with substance abuse and other mental health concerns.  There was a specialty treatment track for individuals who identified as Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, or Transgender.  This position solidified my interest in working with individuals struggling with sobriety, mood concerns, and diversity-related concerns.  This position was a turning point in my career, and I sought positions to gain expertise in these treatment areas.


I am very grateful to work at a veterans hospital, and have developed an additional specialty in Vocational Rehabilitation, assisting individuals in finding and maintaining employment. The majority of my clients struggle with chronic substance use and unemployment, mental health issues, and relationship concerns.  


All these experiences have led me to working with clients like yourself!


What you will get:

A therapist that understands how to work with diverse people and concerns; someone who empathizes with your struggles, validates your feelings, and gently confronts thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that you keep you stuck.  


Contact Me

If you are interested in working together in a non-judgmental environment, please contact me.  

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