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Mental Health, Motherhood, and Multifamily Investing: All Rolled Into One with Dr. Stephanie Wong (Ep 121)


Mental health awareness and support have been inadequate, especially among Asian Americans, but recently, that has changed. Dr. Stephanie Wong joins us today in honor of Women's History Month to discuss the positive changes in mental health advocacy, motherhood life, real estate investment education, and more! The talk on financial growth and health is surely one thing you do not want to miss!


  • How to finance therapy and where to go find a therapist 

  • Is there more mental health awareness now?

  • How to cope with mental health during COVID quarantine

  • Real estate investment tips and strategies for moms

104//Stephanie J. Wong, PhD//Clinical Psychologist + Host- The Color of Success Podcast

Dr. Stephanie J. Wong, clinical psychologist and host of The Color of Success Podcast joins March Guest Host Tiffany Hwang to share about her family's deep roots, her journey into psychology, and why she is so passionate about sharing our stories. 

Ep. 027-The Significance of Mental Health: Foundations that lead to a Career as a Psychologist (Ft. Dr. Stephanie J. Wong)

In this episode, we dive into Dr. Stephanie J. Wong's foundations that lead her to a career as a psychologist. We look into her current hobbies with Korean pop group, BTS, and why she is a big fan. We also discuss some stigmas with Mental Health and Addiction and common misconceptions. She also shares her mission with starting her podcast, "Color of Success," and some of her favorite episodes she has done to date.

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Dr. Stephanie J. Wong: An Ever-changing World with a Clinical Psychologist

Chapter Markers

  • 00:00 - Introduction - Dr. Stephanie J. Wong

  • 01:57 - Stephanie's journey into psychology

  • 07:34 - Dealing with age bias and stereotypes

  • 10:55 - Therapy - When should you go?

  • 18:20 - Holistic psychology and methodologies

  • 24:31 - Physical Health

  • 30:00 - Research

  • 33:10 - Support Systems

  • 36:10 - Lasting thoughts

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