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Dr. Wong has been quoted as an expert and included in the following:

Women of Color (WOC) Podcasters

    30 Asian American Podcasts to Support

Endocrine Web

    How to Stop Doom-scrolling



    "Why We Suffer from Anxiety and How to Fix it"


     "Things You Need to Know About Depression (Part II)



Independent Journal

      "Stanford Rapist Seemed Like a Good Kid. But Here are Warning Signs That May Have Helped"


Inspirations and Celebrations: Lifestyle Guide     

    "International Day of Happiness: 25 Expert Tips on How to be Happier"

LA Girl via The Huffington Post

     "17 Powerful Productivity Tips from Experts That Will Improve Your Life"

Mind Body Green (mbgmindfulness) by Carissa Begonia

     The Psychology of Imposter Syndrome & How to Actually Overcome It


     "When Should I Have Kids?"

Passion Planner #PashFam 

     Self Care and Mental Health with Dr. Stephanie Wong


     How to Talk to Kids About Anti-Asian Violence


      Coronavirus Anxiety: How Mental Health Pros Are Coping Themselves


     The Hazards of Hibernating

Rasmussen College 

     "Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Spring Cleaning (and Why It's Good for Them"


    How Quarantine Will Affect Kids' Attachment to Parents, According to Experts

    Why Do Kids Love Olaf So Much?  The Answer is Sweet, Experts Say



     "8 Subtle Signs You Might Be Depressed"


    "How to Help Elderly People Stay Connected Throughout the Pandemic"


      Has emotional transparency gone too far or is oversharing at work a good thing?

US News & World Report

      "6 Ways to Treat Yourself on a Budget"


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