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The Relationship is the most important currency of life.

Dr. Wong's Philosophy

Exceeding Expectations One Patient at a Time

The exchanges we have bring meaning to our lives, ones that give us love, support, lessons, and laughter.  Getting and keeping this currency takes work, skills, and engagement.  Sometimes, you may be unsure of how to initiate and continue these relationships.  Instead, it may be "less complicated" to continue "relationships" with drugs, alcohol, or gambling.  These relationships are familiar and sometimes comforting.  However there are a lot of costs to these "relationships," such as pushing others away and/or not being effective at school or work. 


Through my genuine nature, enthusiasm, carefully time-humor, gentle confrontation, we can build a professional relationship that will serve as a model to connect to others.  Depending on your culture, this currency may be obtained in different ways, and you may need a collaborator who considers the impact that cultural-related factors have on relationships.

Contact me today to begin accumulating a "wealth" of knowledge, skills, and abilities to build relationships that will support your growth at work, home, and in your community.

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