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Addictions & Substance Use

Sometimes life can be very stressful, and some may turn to alcohol, drugs, gambling, and risky behaviors to cope with this stress.  When there is excessive participation in substance use and/or risky behaviors, you may experience  negative  consequences in your life.

Cultural Concerns (e.g., Asian American Clients)

Being an individual from a marginalized group can lead to experiences of discrimination and stress.  Furthermore, generational differences and varying degrees of adherence to cultural values and practices, may also result in complications in decision-making and stress (e.g., in one's career). 


Thank you for your service!  There are many challenges that you may be facing as you await another tour/deployment, or transition to civilian life.  Perhaps you are worried about remaining connected to your significant other and family and/or having difficulty maintaining a job.


Feeling a bit nervous from time-to-time is a normative aspect of life, and at times, this anxiety can be a motivator to achieve your goals.  However, there are times when the anxiety may seem uncontrollable; perhaps you excessively worry about various aspects of life (e.g., finances, work, family, romantic relationship

Mood Concerns

Feelings of sadness and reduced participation in activities will more than likely happen to everyone in their lifetime.  However, there are times when these feelings and inactivation negatively impact your daily functioning (e.g., ability to go to work, school, connect with others).

Career & Leadership Concerns

Dr. Wong specializes in working with Tech professionals and executives.  Many professionals often worry about work performance, work-life balance, co-worker and supervisor interactions, and their ability to lead/supervise others. 

Relationship Concerns

You may be having difficulty communicating and getting along with friends, significant others, and family members.  While no relationship is perfect, there may be ways to improve interpersonal skills and interactions with others. On the other hand, you may be isolated and have difficulty connecting with others. 

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